Exchange is up and running

you will be able to unlimited trade virtual USD 1000000 and other tokens to try our exchange. You will be giving us your opinions, suggestions and other comments during this trial scheduled period. In addition to this, we put some real cash on the table to giveaway DAILY, to the best trader of the day. Stay tuned for the rules of this new promo

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About Us

CASHP2P exchange is your new platform for the exchange of digital currencies. CASHP2P exchange was born as a product of the unstoppable development of the P2P-0xCASH proyect, taking a new giant step towards the achievement of our goals and giving an example of honesty and improvement in the face of the complexities that arise along the way and an unsurpassed passion and dedication to our draft.

In CASHP2P exchange you can find not only our P2P-0XCASH coin but also a large number of proyects selected by our team or through the votes of our community. Every week we will add new interesting proyects and new features to our exchange that will work fully operational in its test and development version for a period of no more than six months. Time required to acquire the licenses that allow us to activate the money transfer system as well as the integration of different payment processors on the website. Doing your trades will be easy and you will feel comfortable in a highly secure and reliable environment that has been the object of work by a team of professionals for more than 24 months.

Our exchange at the same time aims to be an important engine for the use of our currency in this intermediate stage of our development, providing our users with a regular and gradually increasing demand for our currency as this is the only currency accepted for the procedures in the that our team charges a fee, or for the purchase of votes required to add new proyects. Remember that while we are in the BETA operational phase, our market commissions are 0%, no commission, if you are reading correctly! 0% FEE on trading and competitive rates adjusted to reality for your withdrawals without compromising their speed.



The most liquid order book in the world,


Security of user information and funds is our first priority


Our Mission

CASHP2P exchange has a clear objective, to be the base platform for our future money transfer operations and at the same time provide the community with an example exchange in technology, security and democracy by being a proyect directed together with our community.


Mat P2P

Company CEO

Tomy Torres

Company COO


Company CMO